Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins
Season: 2013
04/10/2014Damian Williams, WRSigned to a one-year contract
04/10/2014Jonathan Freeny, LBRe-signed
04/03/2014Michael Rios, WRSigned
04/02/2014Kevin Cone, WRSigned
04/02/2014Jason Fox, OTSigned to a one-year contract
04/02/2014Jordan Rodgers, QBSigned
04/02/2014Armon Binns, WRRe-signed
03/27/2014Knowshon Moreno, RBSigned to a one-year contract
03/14/2014Cortland Finnegan, CBSigned to a two-year contract
03/14/2014Shelley Smith, GSigned to a two-year contract
03/12/2014Randy Starks, DERe-signed to a two-year contract
03/11/2014Branden Albert, OTSigned to a five-year contract
03/11/2014Earl Mitchell, DTSigned to a four-year contract
03/11/2014Jonathan Martin, OTTraded to San Francisco for a conditional draft pick
03/10/2014Louis Delmas, SSigned
03/10/2014Dimitri Patterson, DBReleased
03/07/2014Armon Binns, WRContract tendered for the 2014 season
03/07/2014Jonathan Freeny, LBContract tendered for the 2014 season
03/05/2014Will Yeatman, OTReleased
03/05/2014R.J. Stanford, CBReleased
03/04/2014Pat Devlin, QBRe-signed
03/03/2014Brent Grimes, CBRe-signed to a four-year contract extension
01/15/2014Michael Ola, OTSigned to a reserve/future contract
12/18/2013Justin Rogers, CBReleased
12/18/2013Chris Owens, DBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
12/16/2013D.J. Campbell, SWaived
12/16/2013Jalil Brown, CBClaimed off waivers from Indianapolis
12/10/2013Michael Thomas, SSigned off the San Francisco practice squad
12/10/2013Justin Rogers, CBSigned
12/10/2013Dimitri Patterson, DBPlaced on injured reserve
12/10/2013R.J. Stanford, CBPlaced on injured reserve
12/03/2013Emmanuel Ogbuehi, TE/FBSigned to the practice squad
11/30/2013D.J. Campbell, SPromoted to the active roster
11/30/2013Jonathan Martin, OTPlaced on reserve/non-football illness list
11/27/2013Isaako Aaitui, DTSigned to the practice squad
11/27/2013Jordan Kovacs, SSigned from the practice squad
11/26/2013Isaako Aaitui, DTWaived
11/26/2013D.J. Campbell, SWaived
11/26/2013Jasper Collins, WRReleased
11/26/2013Cameron Marshall, RBSigned to the practice squad
11/26/2013Al Lapuaho, DTReleased
11/26/2013A.J. Francis, DTSigned from the New England practice squad
11/19/2013Jasper Collins, WRSigned to the practice squad
11/16/2013Sam Brenner, OLSigned from the practice squad
11/14/2013Will Yeatman, OTPlaced on injured reserve
11/13/2013Jordan Kovacs, SSigned to the practice squad
11/11/2013Jordan Kovacs, SWaived
11/11/2013D.J. Campbell, SSigned from the practice squad
11/08/2013Vaughn Martin, DLPlaced on injured reserve
11/06/2013Ryan Spadola, WRSigned to the practice squad
11/05/2013David Arkin, GSigned off the practice squad from Dallas
11/04/2013Ryan Spadola, WRWaived
11/04/2013Marlon Moore, WRSigned
11/03/2013Richie Incognito, GSuspended indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team
10/31/2013Ryan Spadola, WRSigned from the practice squad
10/29/2013Brandon Gibson, WRPlaced on injured reserve
10/23/2013Josh Kaddu, LBSigned to the practice squad
10/21/2013Josh Kaddu, LBWaived
10/21/2013Bryant McKinnie, TAcquired from Baltimore
10/19/2013Isaako Aaitui, DTSigned from the practice squad to the active roster
10/15/2013Marvin Austin, DTWaived
10/09/2013Ryan Spadola, WRSigned to the practice squad
10/07/2013D.J. Campbell, SSigned to the practice squad
10/05/2013Jordan Kovacs, SSigned from the practice squad
10/02/2013Austin Spitler, LBSigned
10/01/2013Tyler Clutts, FBWaived
10/01/2013Kelcie McCray, SWaived
09/24/2013Marvin Austin, DTSigned
09/24/2013Vaughn Martin, DE/DTPlaced on injured reserve
09/17/2013Isaako Aaitui, NTSigned to the practice squad
09/17/2013Austin Davis, QBReleased
09/16/2013Al Lapuaho, DTSigned to the practice squad
09/10/2013Al Lapuaho, DTReleased
09/10/2013DeAndre Presley, CBReleased
09/10/2013Devin Smith, DBSigned to the practice squad
09/10/2013Austin Davis, QBSigned to the practice squad
09/07/2013Koa Misi, LBSigned to a four-year contract extension through 2017
09/03/2013Danny Watkins, GSigned to a one-year contract
09/03/2013Josh Samuda, GWaived
09/02/2013Sam Brenner, OLSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Jordan Kovacs, SSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Al Lapuaho, DTSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Marvin McNutt, WRSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Kyle Miller, TESigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013DeAndre Presley, CBSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Brian Tyms, WRSigned to the practice squad
09/02/2013Jason Weaver, TSigned to the practice squad
09/01/2013Evan Rodriguez, RBWaived
09/01/2013Tyler Clutts, FBClaimed off waivers from Houston
08/31/2013Julian Posey, CBReleased
08/31/2013Chad Bumphis, WRReleased
08/31/2013Jonas Gray, RBWaived
08/31/2013Kyle Miller, TEWaived
08/31/2013Brian Tyms, WRReleased
08/31/2013Marvin McNutt, WRReleased
08/31/2013Chris Barker, GReleased
08/31/2013Sam Brenner, OLReleased
08/31/2013Keenan Davis, WRReleased
08/31/2013A.J. Francis, DTReleased
08/31/2013Keelan Johnson, SReleased
08/31/2013Jordan Kovacs, SReleased
08/31/2013Andrew McDonald, TReleased
08/31/2013Tristan Okpalaugo, DEReleased
08/31/2013DeAndre Presley, CBReleased
08/31/2013Kheeston Randall, DTReleased
08/31/2013Tracy Robertson, DTReleased
08/31/2013Lee Robinson, LBReleased
08/31/2013Austin Spitler, LBReleased
08/31/2013Antwan Applewhite, DEReleased
08/31/2013Aaron Corp, QBWaived
08/31/2013Jeff Adams, TWaived
08/27/2013Jorvorskie Lane, FBReleased
08/27/2013Michael Clay, LBReleased
08/27/2013Julius Pruitt, WRReleased
08/27/2013Lance Louis, GReleased
08/27/2013David Hinds, LBReleased
08/27/2013Nathan Williams, LBReleased
08/27/2013Andrell Smith, WRReleased
08/27/2013Emeka Onyenekwu, DEReleased
08/27/2013Jeff Fuller, WRReleased
08/25/2013Kenny Stafford, WRReleased
08/25/2013Chris Burnette, DTReleased
08/25/2013Chandler Burden, GReleased
08/25/2013Jeff Braun, GReleased
08/25/2013Alonzo Highsmith, LBReleased
08/20/2013Richard Marshall, DBReleased
08/20/2013Nathan Williams, LBSigned
08/20/2013Dustin Keller, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/16/2013John Denney, LSSigned to a three-year contract extension through 2016
08/15/2013Antwan Applewhite, DESigned
08/14/2013Dan Carpenter, KReleased
08/14/2013Aaron Corp, QBSigned
08/13/2013Cameron Marshall, RBReleased
08/09/2013Cameron Marshall, RBPlaced on injured reserve
08/08/2013Cameron Marshall, RBWaived
08/05/2013Reshad Jones, SSigned to a four-year contract
08/03/2013Jeff Braun, GSigned
08/03/2013Brian Thomas, OLReleased
07/31/2013Armon Binns, WRWaived
07/31/2013Jasper Collins, WRWaived
07/31/2013Keenan Davis, WRSigned
07/30/2013Julius Pruitt, WRSigned
07/28/2013Aaron Corp, QBWaived
07/28/2013Andrell Smith, WRSigned
07/21/2013Dion Jordan, DEPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/20/2013Dion Jordan, DESigned
07/18/2013Kenny Stafford, WRSigned
07/08/2013Joe Hastings, WRRetired
06/14/2013Dallas Thomas, G/TSigned to a four-year contract
06/13/2013Joe Hastings, WRSigned
06/13/2013Tracy Robertson, DTSigned
06/13/2013Courtney Gardner, WRReleased
06/11/2013Evan Rodriguez, RBSigned
06/11/2013Rupert Bryan, FBWaived
06/10/2013Will Davis, CBSigned
05/30/2013Jamar Taylor, CBSigned
05/30/2013Brian Thomas, OLSigned
05/28/2013Courtney Gardner, WRSigned
05/28/2013Terrell Sinkfield, WRWaived
05/20/2013Mike Gillislee, RBSigned to a four-year contract
05/17/2013Dion Sims, TESigned to a four-year contract
05/16/2013Taylor Stockemer, WRWaived
05/16/2013Rupert Bryan, FBSigned
05/15/2013Aaron Corp, QBSigned to a one-year contract
05/15/2013Marvin McNutt, WRClaimed off waivers from Philadelphia
05/15/2013Chas Alecxih, DTReleased
05/15/2013Patrick Scales, LSWaived
05/14/2013Jelani Jenkins, LBSigned
05/14/2013Don Jones, SSigned
05/14/2013Caleb Sturgis, KSigned
05/05/2013Tyson Clabo, OTSigned
05/05/2013Robert McCabe, LBReleased
05/05/2013Clay Belton, QBReleased
05/03/2013Sam Brenner, OLSigned
04/29/2013David Hinds, LBSigned
04/29/2013Clay Belton, QBSigned
04/29/2013Eric Bergman, OLSigned
04/29/2013Chad Bumphis, WRSigned
04/29/2013Chris Burnette, DTSigned
04/29/2013Michael Clay, LBSigned
04/29/2013Jasper Collins, WRSigned
04/29/2013A.J. Francis, DTSigned
04/29/2013Alonzo Highsmith, LBSigned
04/29/2013Keelan Johnson, SSigned
04/29/2013Jordan Kovacs, SSigned
04/29/2013Cameron Marshall, RBSigned
04/29/2013Robert McCabe, LBSigned
04/29/2013Brandon Ogletree, LBSigned
04/29/2013Terrell Sinkfield, WRSigned
04/29/2013Taylor Stockemer, WRSigned
04/26/2013Davone Bess, WRTraded to Cleveland
04/08/2013Patrick Scales, LSSigned to a one-year contract